Kindhearted Counseling

Individual Counseling

Sometimes we get get lost in dark emotions, repeating unhealthy patterns, unsure how to stop. Working through emotions and learning new coping strategies can truly increase the quality of your life.

Couples Counseling

Our relationships can get off track, as we unconsciously repeat dysfunctional patterns we learned from our family or previous relationships. What may feel like a failed relationship may really be a sign that it’s time to discover healthier ways to give and receive love. Couples counseling can help you develop more honesty and intimacy with your partner and find a more authentic way to connect

My role with couples looks more like coaching than counseling. Offering honest feedback and helping couples improve communication and resolve unhealthy patterns.


After the passing of Proposition 122, there has been an increase in psychedelic therapy and solo soul seeking. I am certified in psychedelic therapy and offer integration and consultation services.

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Trauma Release

Trauma is not easily or successfully treated with talk therapy, so in trauma work we focus on the non-verbal areas of your brain where the trauma is stored. I utilize a blend of ketamine-assisted therapy, Brainspotting, EMDR, parts work, and somatics tailored to each client’s needs. EMDR helps process trauma, while ketamine can enhance this process, reducing suffering more efficiently for many clients. The goal is to connect with the “Observer” within the psyche, our wise self that offers deep empathy to the traumatized parts.

what is EMDR?

what is Brainspotting?